Boiler Service – [Big Brands Broken Promises]

PlusHeat 28 Feb 2018 blog

Are you paying for a full boiler service agreement but not getting what you were promised? You're are not the only one!

A "Which?" investigation went undercover to record engineers from some of the major energy brands in the UK.  Have a look for yourself, the findings are remarkable:

[Boiler service] The Results

According to the article, 5 out of 6 major brands recorded did not follow the manufacturer's servicing instructions. These instructions are vital and may invalidate your manufacturers warranty if not adhered to.  Even if you pay for insurance on your boiler, your insurance company may not be liable to pay out if your boiler isn't maintained in line with the instructions set out by the manufacturer.

Both British Gas and HomeServe failed to meet all of their 'customer promises', the investigation found. These promises are what draws many customers to these major brands. Not delivering on promises can be misleading in the marketplace and may mean customers aren't receiving the service they thought they had signed up for.

According to an expert from 'Which?', an engineer from Corgi 'left the boiler potentially unsafe', which could put a household at risk; and an engineer from SSE "put himself at risk of an electric shock". In the words of their experts, the engineer 'appeared not to be familiar with the model of the boiler', a major brand commonly found in the UK.

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