Do I need a Plumber or a Drainage Contractor?


Do I need a Plumber or a Drainage Contractor?

We know that dealing with a plumbing or drainage issue in your property can be a huge source of stress. And to add to the stress, sometimes it’s tricky to know who exactly to call to help, and whether you’re dealing with a dripping tap or a blocked drain, many people are left asking themselves “what do plumbers do that is different to a drainage contractor?”

Here, we explain the difference between a drainage contractor and a plumber, so you know who to call to deal with your specific issue.

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Do I need a drainage expert?

Experiencing any of the following? I is often best to seek the advice of a professional drainage expert…

• Your drains are blocked or slow-flowing

• Your drainage pipes require replacing or relining

• You’re experiencing flooding due to burst external pipework

• You’re suffering from a faulty or blocked sewer line

• You require removal and disposal of waste and foul water

• You require a CCTV camera surveys to inspect the condition of your drains

Do I need a plumber?

If you’re experiencing any of the following, a plumber would be the best person to call if…

• Your tap is leaking

• Your toilet, shower, bath, or sink need repairing or replacing

• You need new taps installed

• You have a leaky radiator

• You have a leak in the interior pipework of your home


Plumber vs Drainage Contractor: General rule of thumb


One rule of thumb to follow is if it’s a problem with water entering your property (for example a dripping tap, replacing a toilet or bath etc) is that this work would typically be carried out by a plumbing engineer.

The type of work best carried out by a drainage engineer is when the problem is with water exiting your property (a blocked toilet, sink, or broken drain for example).


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