Why do pipes burst in the summer?


You might not expect ruptured pipes to flood the house on a beautiful warm day, however, burst pipes and water damage from hot weather and summer activities can cause some pretty serious issues too.
Why do pipes burst in the summer?

Burst pipes are a typical concern in the winter due to freezing temperatures, but homeowners are often caught off guard by burst pipes in the summer.

You might not expect ruptured pipes to flood the house on a beautiful warm day, however, burst pipes and water damage from hot weather and summer activities can cause some pretty serious issues too.

Unfortunately your pipes are not safe just because it’s summer, but it is possible to protect your pipes in all weather conditions. So, what causes pipes to burst?

1. Increased demand for water

From filling up paddling pools and washing cars to watering the garden and playing in the sprinklers, everyone is moving water in their direction.

Because of all of this, failing pipes can occur in systems that haven’t been updated recently. If you do check on your own, keep a lookout for any pipes that may have been warped throughout the winter months.

2. Extreme heat

These conditions give more room for pipes to shift and ultimately break.

If the pipe experiences a very hot temperature for a long time and suddenly, little rainfall happens, then the pipe will burst in no time. This happens especially when the pipes are not well maintained and in a poor condition. They cannot withstand the hot temperature and rain.

3. Clogged pipes

When the weather is too hot or cold, clogging can cause your water pipe to burst.

You can maintain your water pipe regularly to prevent such conditions. Regular inspection by an experienced plumber will rule out the possibility of the leaking. Also, it will ensure the longevity of your pipe regardless of the weather condition.

Cooking grease and laundry lint build up in pipes. Accumulated debris in sewage lines restricts flow and creates pipe-bursting clogs. Even water softener systems create plumbing problems.

4. Hard water

A burst pipe is just one of the concerns caused by a clogged pipe. If your water happens to have a high mineral content, you may have extra reasons to be concerned. Over time, mineral deposits will build up in your pipes. This build up reduces the area in your pipes, restricting water flow and increasing pressure. In cases when the pressure exceeds the pipe’s threshold, it can cause the pipe to burst.

If you happen to live in an area where the water has a higher mineral count, also known as hard water, having a water softener installed by one of our expert plumbers is an effective method to protect your pipes. Water softeners are designed to remove most of the minerals in your water and help prevent your pipes from clogging.

5. Tree roots

Roots will grow naturally towards the source of water which means it can wrap around a weak part of a pipe line and cause the line to burst. Over time, the roots exert enormous pressure on plumbing. They favor sewage lines, and that leads to broken pipes in the bathroom.

These types if situations require a plumbing service and you’ll need to call a plumber to solve the issue.

6. Wear and old age

Pipes will degrade and deteriorate over time, like most things. Metal pipes are especially susceptible to corrosion, while plastic pipes break down naturally over time. When the pipes in your home age, they slowly lose their ability to handle the pressures they are constantly subjected to. As your pipes deteriorate, they become more and more likely to burst. Your best defense against aging pipes is to replace them before they fail you.

Protecting your pipes

Ultimately, it is important to keep a healthy amount of maintenance on any home’s piping system.

Your water pipes need some specific care and maintenance. You can hire a plumber to check your pipes regularly. If you find that the condition is poor, you can consider replacing it before the summer and winter.

If you prolong replacing them for a long time, it might cause leaking. Leaking pipes can damage the foundation and can cause many other issues. So, you will have to replace your pipes whenever required to avoid such a condition.

While you’re having fun in the sun, make sure you’re cool with your plumbing to avoid an unexpected water-related event like a burst pipe, backed-up sewer, flooding or other water damage.

Keep your sun shining

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