Why you should consider an electric boiler


Your boiler is at the heart of your home, so when it comes to new boiler installation, you want to make sure you choose the right option for you.
Why you should consider an electric boiler

Your boiler is at the heart of your home, so when it comes to new boiler installation, you want to make sure you choose the right option for you.

Sometimes, homeowners find that a traditional boiler is not suitable for their home for a variety of reasons. Perhaps their home is lacking space, they are looking for a greener option or are simply fed up of a noisy boiler. Whatever the reason, switching to an electric boiler could be the perfect choice.

Electric boilers are a smart and modern alternative to traditional boilers and use electricity to heat water for your home rather than gas or oil.

Check out seven reasons why we think you should consider installing an electric boiler in your home.

It’s the greener choice

One of the biggest selling points of an electric boiler is that, compared to traditional boilers, they are far more energy efficient and thus kinder to the environment.

As there is no need for electric boilers to burn fossil fuels like gas or oil to produce heat, there are no waste products being expelled. This means there is no lost heat, resulting in better efficiency.

Many models of electric boiler are actually between 99-100% efficient, outperforming appliances powered by gas or oil which rarely score above 93%.

With no waste products being pumped into the atmosphere, electric boilers are definitely a greener choice for the environmentally conscious.

No gas supply required

Over two million homes in the UK do not have a mains gas supply, and it can be impractical or costly to get connected.

So, homeowners often need to look at alternative ways of heating their homes. Some still opt for a traditional gas boiler but then need to have an LPG gas tank installed. Others choose an oil boiler, which again requires a large tank to be situated.

Both of these options have their limitations because a lot of space is required for the tank outdoors, and they require a regular delivery of fuel which can be inconvenient and costly.

With an electric boiler, these issues are eliminated. Electric boilers simply run from your mains electricity, meaning homes without a gas supply can still enjoy a full central heating system.

Compact and convenient

Traditional boilers can take up a lot of space in your home, but the same cannot be said for their electric counterparts.

Because electric boilers don’t need any extra parts such as a flue, water tank or fuel tank, they are a lot smaller than other boilers.

As well as being compact, they don’t need to be installed next to an outside wall making placement much easier.

This makes an electric boiler a great choice for homes where space is an issue. You could situate your electric boiler in a cupboard next to your bedroom, or even under the stairs. Great news if you haven’t got much room to work with!


Ever been kept up all night by a noisy boiler? Sleepless nights will be a thing of the past if you choose to go electric!

Gas and oil boilers can be loud due to the fact they contain many moving parts and burn combustion fuel to heat up your home. But in comparison, electric boilers are notoriously quiet because they don’t require any moving elements to create heat.

This means that even if your electric boiler is situated right next to your bedroom, you won’t be able to hear it running.

Easy to maintain

Because electric boilers don’t burn fossil fuels and have no moving parts to malfunction, they are very easy to maintain compared to a traditional boiler.

The only real maintenance that is required for an electric boiler is a clean out of the tank periodically to get rid of any debris brought in with the water. Because there are no fuels being burned, there will be no residue build up to remove and you certainly won’t have to worry about issues with pilot lights.

In the unlikely event that your electric boiler breaks down, repairs should be quick and easy.

Easy and cheap to install

Did you know that getting a new electric boiler up and running is actually fairly easy?

With no flue, condensate pipe or gas line required, installation is much quicker compared with traditional boilers. All it usually takes is some extra wiring and you’re good to go!

To make it even more convenient, your new electric boiler does not need to be installed by a Gas Safe™ engineer. As a result, electric boiler installation is generally cheaper too.

Safe form of fuel

Have you ever worried about potential risks related to your boiler? Having an electric boiler installed could be the perfect choice to put your mind at ease.

Gas boilers burn fossil fuel, so there is always the danger of gas or carbon monoxide leaks occurring in your home. This is why they need to be installed by a Gas Safe™ engineer and be serviced regularly to ensure that they remain in safe working order.

Because electric boilers run directly from your mains electricity and do not burn fuel, the risk of toxic fumes escaping into your home is completely eliminated.

Have we convinced you to switch to an electric boiler? Whatever boiler you choose, you can be sure that PlusHeat will be there to keep your home warm all year long. Take a look at our choice of maintenance and service plans and pick one that is right for you and your home.

Keep your sun shining

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