How to maximise your radiator heat efficiency

PlusHeat 20 Dec 2017 blog

Want to increase your radiator efficiency, without having to spend valuable £££?

For Under £30 your whole home could see a massive increase in radiator efficiency. Take those tin foil hats from the conspiracy theorists, and put them to much better use!

As you'll see in the video below - by placing foil behind the radiator, heat is reflected  back into the room meaning the efficiency of the radiator is increased massively. There is no official statistic to show how much this can save you, but it's obvious you will not have to have your radiator on for as long, or as high as it was!

This video  explains exactly how to do so:

This Not Enough

Want to increase the efficiency of your radiator even more, but this time FOR FREE?

Bleeding your radiators is a simple and effective solution to increase your radiators efficiency, while ultimately keeping your warmer and saving you money! Here is our 8 simple step guide to do so:

  • 1. Diagnose your radiator

  • 2. Find a radiator key

  • 3. Turn off your heat

  • 4. Open your radiator's valves

  • 5. Catch drips from the valve

  • 6. Wait for water to squirt out of the bleed valve

  • 7. Repeat this process on all the radiators in your house

  • 8. Check your boiler's pressure level

For more information, click here to watch a short YouTube video showing each step in detail.

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