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Call Centre Instructions

PlusHeat appreciates all your hard work and your contribution to our commitment to ensure our customers experience nothing less than an exceptional customer service experience.

Logging a miantnenance job

If a customer has an issue in their property and you are submitting a new maintenance job, you will need to do this via this link:

If the call from the custom is regarding a maintenance request to book their Boiler Service / Gas Safe Certificate please submit this request via this link:

Here, we have provided you with a with a dedicated page detailing instructions on how to submit a ticket to the relevant department.

Submitting a ticket to a specific department

1).  In the bottom right hand corner of this page you will find a white icon with an orange  “i” inside. You will need to click on this icon for our ticket submission form to pop up.

2). There are 3 tabs at the bottom of this pop-up named: Tickets, Knowledge Base and Home. As default, the popup should load on the “Tickets” tab which will be indicated by being highlighted blue. This is the tab you need to be on to submit a ticket with the information the customer provides.

IMPORTANT: If the customer does not provide their email address DO NOT put – Please use their full name EXAMPLE:

3). Each ticket needs to be associated with the correct “Department” It is extremely important that this section is NOT missed. Please click on the department and associate the right one for the ticket you are creating.
– Sales Enquiries: If the call is regarding a sales enquiry, be it a new or existing customer.
Exisiting Maintenance Queries (Including chasing and updates) : If the call is regarding a maintenance issue from an engineer or a an existing customer.
– Customer Service General Queries: If the call is regarding a complaint from a customer, a customer querying something regarding their existing plan or anything relating to customer service.