At the end of 2019, December logged temperatures reaching 18.7C, which was the hottest in record for the time of year.   The unseasonably warm weather, however, is due to remain a 2019 memory, with weather forecasters suggesting a cold snap in the first two months in 2020.   The University College London predicts that January and February will be the coldest since 2010 and one of the coldest since records began in 1953. The

Escaping the January blues? Our top tips!

Posted by PlusHeat on 19/01/2020
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Even though we know it’s coming, we still go into January almost shocked at the comedown from Christmas and new year celebrations; leaving behind bills, going back to work, cold weather and long, dark nights. That’s why more people than ever before are escaping the January blues and taking a winter holiday. If you’re one of the lucky ones getting away this January, here’s some of our top tips for making sure you don’t come
Plus Heat are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with leading price comparison site, MoneySuperMarket. You can find us listed under Electrical, Plumbing & Heating Breakdown Cover for homeowner breakdown cover and Landlords Services for Landlords Boiler Cover. By teaming up with Plus Heat and other UK leading companies, MoneySuperMarket make the search to find the best boiler cover, for the unique needs of both homeowners and landlords, quicker and easier. At Plus

Report A Breakdown Online

Posted by PlusHeat on 30/04/2018
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Are you sick of waiting on hold to major companies’ call centres when you have a crisis? Reporting a breakdown has never been easier! We understand it’s often easier to explain things when given the chance to go at your own pace and convenience, and we like to allow our customers to feel completely at ease – which is exactly why we’ve set up the online reporting tool. You’ll receive the same level of service as
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Our first of many community outreach programs! With the number of homeless people increasing by 15% over the past year, homelessness in the UK is reaching a crisis point. Here is our brief guide to the rising homelessness figures Homeless Britain.  Our Background Living and growing up in South London, I have always been aware of the affect poverty and hard times can have on each and everyone of us. The struggle is definitely real! I