What’s the perfect temperature for your home?


What’s the perfect temperature for your home?

It’s a contentious issue and the route of many an argument in every household! How warm should your house be? Most people want to be warm and comfortable, but this can mean completely different things to different people – especially those paying the bills!

In fact, the average temperature of homes has increased over the decades.

Npower: “Reduce the temperature in your home by just 1ºC and you could reduce your heating bill by up to £85 each year.”

What happens if your room temperature is too high?

Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to have the heating high in your home. If so, it is worth considering the impact. Researchers have found that the warmer the room, the harder it is to concentrate. Additionally, there is the environmental and financial impact when heating above the normal room temperature.

What happens if your room temperature is too low?

If the room temperature in your house is too cold, there’s a risk of wet walls and mould that can damage your property, and even your health. Removing mould from a home can be very difficult as well as being damaging to your property and your health. So, achieving a sensible ambient temperature is very important.

What’s a normal temperature in different rooms?

Using only a thermostat means that you could be overheating other rooms in your home. Heating controls are really important. If you have them, use them. If you don’t have them, get them.

The best answer is to the perfect temperature you should warm your home to is – the lowest comfortable temperature.

Living Room = 20-22°

Study = 20-22°

Nursery = 22-24°

Kitchen = 18-20°

Bedroom = 16-19°

Bathroom = 22-24°

Hallways = 15-18°

Storage rooms = 15-18°

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