What is Boiler Insurance?


Experiencing a broken boiler that results in the loss of central heating or hot water is a frustrating and inconvenient situation, especially when it occurs during the winter.
What is Boiler Insurance?

Experiencing a broken boiler that results in the loss of central heating or hot water is a frustrating and inconvenient situation, especially when it occurs during the winter. Unfortunately, such breakdowns can happen at any time, and standard home insurance policies and manufacturer warranties usually offer inadequate protection. 

To ensure peace of mind, obtaining boiler insurance is crucial. Boiler insurance, also referred to as gas boiler insurance, provides coverage for repair costs and replacement parts. Therefore, you can trust that you'll receive the necessary assistance if your boiler encounters any problems.

What does boiler insurance cover?

Boiler care plans are not uniform across companies and can be tailored to fit different budget levels. Typically, the extent of coverage provided by a policy will increase with the amount paid.

Essential Boiler Insurance

Primary packages generally include:

  1. Coverage for repairs and breakdowns.
  2. Annual servicing by a gas-safe engineer to ensure the boiler is in good condition.

A basic boiler cover plan might not automatically protect your whole central heating system.

Central Heating Insurance

Comprehensive home packages, which are typically more expensive, are likely to provide coverage for not just your boiler but also your entire central heating system, as well as other areas of your home such as:

  1. Plumbing
  2. Electrics
  3. Drainage

Is boiler replacement covered by insurance?

Certain boiler insurance packages may offer coverage for a replacement if your boiler becomes irreparable. If your boiler is an older model and replacement parts are no longer available, your insurance should offer some form of compensation. However, the specifics of the compensation can vary between policies. 

While some policies will cover the entire cost of a new boiler, others may only cover a portion of it. It's essential to review the policy terms and conditions to ensure you understand what is covered if your boiler breaks down. Additionally, it's worth noting that the insurance provider's engineers would need to replace your boiler in any scenario.

Excess on a policy

All boiler cover policies come with an excess fee, which is the amount you pay towards a claim, including the cost of an engineer's visit and any necessary repairs. The amount of excess varies depending on the policy, with some companies charging around £50 while others include the excess in the monthly cost.

When arranging payment for a policy, you may be able to choose your level of excess.

If you're a tenant and experiencing issues with your boiler or central heating system, you do not need to purchase boiler cover. The responsibility for maintaining the boiler and central heating system lies with the landlord.

Is Boiler Insurance Cover worth it?

Boiler repair can be costly, and replacement can be even more expensive, sometimes costing thousands of pounds. Without adequate protection, a breakdown and replacement can be a significant financial burden. However, with boiler cover, you can avoid unexpected expenses and reduce worry.

If you are a homeowner or landlord, it is wise to review your existing home and building insurance policies before enrolling in a boiler insurance plan.

Check your current insurance policy; it might already cover boiler breakdowns, but make sure it offers enough protection.

If your policy does not include boiler breakdowns, you may need to compare different boiler cover plans to safeguard your current setup.

If you have recently installed a new boiler, it is unlikely that you will need cover just yet. Your boiler's warranty should cover it, but make sure to check the warranty duration just to be safe.

Can I switch to a different insurance provider?

Switching to a better boiler cover plan is a straightforward process that can potentially save you money. Don't settle for subpar coverage - take the time to find a plan that best suits your needs and your home. To switch, simply contact your current provider and inform them of your decision.

Before changing your boiler cover policy, review its terms and conditions to check for cancellation fees and the policy's duration. Most policies last for up to 12 months, and you can switch providers afterwards. Also, watch out for auto-renewals and notify your provider in advance to avoid them.

10 Things you should look out for when comparing and choosing boiler insurance cover:

  1. Check for a waiting period after changing policies.
  2. Look for policies with unlimited claim costs and avoid those that charge for claims.
  3. Check if the policy covers boiler replacement or pays money towards it if the boiler is beyond repair.
  4. Look for policies that include a free boiler service to prolong the boiler's lifespan and save money in the long run.
  5. Consider the cost of the policy, which can vary by provider, especially for policies that include boiler and central heating cover.
  6. Check for existing coverage under home insurance policies to avoid double coverage.
  7. Consider paying annually instead of monthly for a better deal.
  8. Check the length of the contract and how much the boiler cover will cost after the first 12 months or after the introductory offer expires.
  9. Read the small print and understand what is not covered, such as faults caused by previous repair work or sludge build-up.
  10. Check for cover for older boilers, as some policies may only cover boilers less than 15 years old, and an inspection may be required before agreeing to a policy.

Why choose PlusHeat Boiler Insurance?

PlusHeat offers comprehensive boiler cover to ensure that customers are fully protected against any faults, damage, or breakdowns.

With our all-inclusive cover, customers can rest assured that our Gas Safe engineers are available to provide professional assistance with unlimited call-outs and no hidden or extra fees. Our 24/7 helpline is always available if you have a problem and we’ll typically be with you the same day/next day.

If our engineers find your boiler is unfixable and it's under seven years old, we'll replace it for free.

PlusHeat offers not only comprehensive boiler cover but also extensive central heating and home plans to meet your needs. See what our customers from all over the country have to say about PlusHeat's boiler cover.